Saturday, August 6, 2011

florida getaway

On Wednesday night I spontaneously decided to hop on a plane to Tampa to visit my best friend, Deebz at University of South Florida. She always comes up to NOVA to visit and we already spent a few weeks together up here this summer, but I really was dying to get down to FL to visit her for once.

So I arrived in Tampa around midnight on Wednesday (or I guess Thursday, technically). Deebz picked me up from the airport and we headed back to USF to enjoy a few short days in the Florida sun together.

On Thursday, we went to Clearwater beach for the afternoon. It was a gorgeous beach! And I was so happy just to see the beach for the first time this summer. We attempted to lay out, but it was so hot that we played in the water pretty much the whole time. I don't think either of us have played in the ocean as much as we did that afternoon!

Once we got back from the beach, we met up with Deebz' big (or diamond) for dinner. We drove out to the Shops at Wiregrass and ate at a nice Mexican restaurant called Cantina Laredo. I had chicken enchiladas! Still regretting that I didn't suck it up and order the $10 guacamole too.

The next day, Friday, was move-out/move-in day for Deebz. We moved out of Magnolia (the on-campus apartment she lived in for the summer) and into the ADPi house which had been going through renovations all summer.

In the early afternoon, I met up with Steph to lay out at the pool for a few hours. Then we went to lunch at Gators with Deebz and another one of her sisters before the moving began. Luckily the weather was a little overcast, so spending the day moving wasn't really the end of the world. Plus, I was so happy I got to see her new house! It was beautiful, and made me SO excited to move into the Alpha Phi house in a few weeks.

Although the visit was short, it was exactly what I needed. A mini-vaca with my best friend in the beautiful state of Florida. Thanks for having me Deebz! Can't wait for your next visit over winter break.

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