Saturday, December 4, 2010

the first snow!

Today was the first REAL snow in Blacksburg. I woke up, looked outside, and it was a winter wonderland. Soooo pretty! It was the perfect day to just stay inside and relax....welllll, unfortunately there is NO such thing as relaxing until after finals. Instead, Elyssa and Aaron came over and we worked on Religious Ethics, Astronomy, and Aaron put Windows 7 and Office 2010 on my laptop.

outside my window at rutherford

what a beautiful sight
There were so many great wintery things to do this during this past week too. On Tuesday, SAA had our winter banquet at the Inn at Virginia Tech. Who knew the Inn got so festive for Christmas?! Katie and I were so pleasantly surprised and impressed. There were so many Christmas trees sponsored by companies located all over Blacksburg. Great photo opportunities!

On Thursday, Alpha Phi had a social with GC that was themed "tacky xmas". KJ, Julie, and I drove out to Walmart and got some sweet, tacky Christmas sweatshirts and red bows for our hair. I love spreading Christmas cheer!
merry, merry christmas

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