Sunday, December 12, 2010

finals freak out

It's that time of year again. And no, I don't mean Christmas time this time. Before Christmas comes finals. And before finals comes studying, studying, and more studying. It is not the most joyful of seasons, to say the least. But everyone gets through it, and heads off to winter break without a care in the world!

Trace Adkins' song, "You're Gonna Miss This", came on my ipod tonight while I was studying for my last final, Econ. It really made me slow down and just reflect on my life for a little. My 3rd semester here at Virginia Tech is coming to a close. Only 5 more left. I certainly have no regrets on my college career thus far. I am doing everything I ever dreamed I would do at this school, and more! However, this song serves as a great reminder to take every last minute in (even all the hard work and studying for finals). Because, after all, you're gonna miss this...

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