Thursday, September 6, 2012

gameday reflections

Monday night's Orange Effect game in Lane Stadium was unlike any Hokie Football game I have ever experienced. I needed to write down my thoughts somewhere, and what better place than here? The day started out like this...

All my classes were cancelled due to "parking issues on campus" so I had all day to get fired up for the big game. I mean ALL DAY. Alli even curled my hair during our free time! 

I got all decked out in my orange Sports Marketing polo, khaki pants, maroon and orange accessories, and Hokie Nikes. I was ready to goooo.

I met the other Sports Marketing interns at the office in Cassell at 4:45 for our pregame meeting. We were assigned roles for both the pregame and during the game. And I was one of the lucky interns who got to stand on the sidelines the whole game!

My first pregame activity was to block off Spring Road for the pregame parade. Around 5:45 the football team, cheerleaders, HighTechs, Marching Virginians, and Highty Tighties march along Spring Road for all the fans to see! I had only ever seen this parade once before when my parents were in town, so it was really cool to be there to see it!!

After the parade, the interns and I headed up to the Media suite for our "Media Meal". We ate an awesome dinner with all of the media teams at the game. It was also great to just sit down and talk to the VT Sports Marketing Staff for a little bit before the madness started.

After dinner, Patrick and I went back to the office to run some errands and then escorted Caleb Hurd to the field. Caleb was a former VT Hokie football player and currently works for NASCAR in Dale Earnhardt's pit crew. He read the Hokies Respect motto at the beginning of the game!

Before I knew it, Enter Sandman was blasting in Lane Stadium and the whole place was jumping. I have never seen a crowd like that in my life...all dressed in orange and SCREAMING for the Hokies! It is definitely a memory I will keep forever. I wish everyone could experience what it's like to be on the field during Enter Sandman.

Throughout the game, the other interns and I had various tasks that we were assigned to including StubHub's move of the game, the halftime presentation, etc. But the majority of the game we got to spend standing on the sidelines watching our Hokies. We even made it on ESPN a time or two!

Although the game was at times very stressful and uneventful, it ended up in overtime with a win for the Hokies! At first I was hesitant about being on the field for my last first game as an undergrad. Not getting to tailgate with my friends, not sitting in North End Zone for the first time ever, not being able to jump to Enter Sandman and scream my lungs out during key plays. But I truly am so thankful I have this opportunity to intern with Virginia Tech Athletics. I will certainly not take a moment of this experience for granted!

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