Monday, September 24, 2012

bring on the lasts

This weekend was really the first time it's sunk in that annual events that I have attended and loved for the past 4 years are winding down and becoming a "last". On Friday, I went to my last Alpha Phi Red Dress Gala as an Alpha Phi collegiate member. 

My parents came into town on Friday afternoon and we scurried off to Squires Commonwealth Ballroom for the Gala. This was my Dad's first time attending Red Dress Gala, and I was so happy to have both of them there to celebrate my senior year with Alpha Phi. 

We had never held Red Dress Gala in Squires before, but it ended up being the perfect venue! The decorations looked great, the food was delicious, the band was awesome, the silent auction was on point, and of course, everyone looked great in their red and black dresses.

I think everyone in attendance had an amazing and unforgettable night, and we even raised over $10,000 for the Alpha Phi Foundation. 

The next morning started off at 9:30am with a classic Johnson tailgate. My family and I all went over and enjoyed the delicious spread of tailgate food and drinks. A bunch of Alpha Phi seniors and their families were there and we hung out before the Hokies played Bowling Green at 12pm.

Of course my Dad loves to get to Lane Stadium early, so we left the tailgate around 11am to head over to watch the pregame pageantry. Although we had a rough start to the game, the Hokies took over and killed Bowling Green, 37-0. Not bad!

I feel so lucky to have had my family here with me this weekend to celebrate my last Red Dress Gala and Alpha Phi Parents Weekend. Why do we have to grow up so fast? I wish I could be a freshman and do it all over again. But I wouldn't want to change a thing!!


  1. Looked like a great time! Wish I could have been there.


  2. You looked so gorgeous for the gala! I'm glad your parents could come to support you and APhi!

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