Friday, June 1, 2012

prom night

Even though I am 3 years removed from high school, I still get excited about the thought of Prom. Luckily I am still connected to Oakton because of my darling brother, Michael, who is a senior there this year. And tonight is Oakton Prom! So you would expect that I would be heading to take pictures in a few minutes, wouldn't you?

Well, guess again. Michael decided to "ditch" prom this year. And I guess he has a good enough reason...he recently had surgery on his knee and wouldn't be able to "bust a move" or be a "fun date". Safe to say I am more disappointed than he is. Boys will be boys.

Since I can't blog about his prom, I am going to take you all back 3 or 4 years to my Junior and Senior Prom. Wow, I can't believe it's been that long. I remember it like it was yesterday.

The months of "prom dram" preparing for the big day, waiting to be asked, making hair, nail, and make-up appointments, picking out the perfect dress, buying the boutineer. Then being picked up by my date, driving to pictures, smiling until our faces hurt, getting in the limo, going to dinner, dancing the night away, and then the after party.

Junior Prom 2008

Senior Prom 2009

I feel so blessed to have these great memories of high school. Sometimes I wish I could go back to Oakton where high school life was easy and carefree (although I never thought I would ever say that about high school). I love Virginia Tech and everything that comes with being a Hokie girl, but life is starting to get real. One more (amazing) year of college left and then I am done with school. Unless I decide to go to Grad School, but that is highly unlikely. Let's not think about all that too much though...

Enjoy your night Oakton. Happy Prom!


  1. My junior prom is June 18th and i am so exciting! You looked gorgeous at your proms :)

    with love,

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