Thursday, May 31, 2012

weekend in the sweet virginia breeze

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to travel all over the state of Virginia with my best friends. KJ celebrated her 21st birthday on Memorial Day, May 28th. So Alli (who I hadn't seen since December because she was in Florence all semester) and I drove down to Hampton, VA on Friday to visit KJ.

Despite the horrible Memorial Day Weekend traffic, Alli and I finally made it to Hampton in time for dinner at Surf Rider. We walked along the dock, looking at the boats and taking pictures.

To our surprise, our table was ready within minutes! We all had Surf Rider's famous crab dip and crab die for!! I wish I had pictures.

After dinner we went back to KJ's to hang out, watch Revenge, and catch each other up on our lives. Not seeing Alli for a whole semester meant there was LOTS to talk about. We sure missed our Alli...that girl can talk!!

The next day we woke up early for a pancake breakfast and then headed to the beach for the day. We all got some much needed color! Some of us (Alli and KJ) got a little too much, and continued to complain about their sunburns the rest of the weekend.

After the beach, we went back to the Johnson's for a cookout to celebrate KJ's birthday with her family and Natalie. This was just the first of many birthday celebrations!

Despite our huge, delicious meal, we decided to go to Rebounderz to jump around in the trampoline arena for an hour. Safe to say my stomach was not loving me that night! But it was soooo worth it.

Since KJ's friend Eddie (who will be so excited to be mentioned in this post) did not join us at Rebounderz, we decided to take a trip to his house on the water to meet him! We took a golf cart tour of his neighborhood for about 30 minutes. Such a beautiful night in Hampton!

The next day we said goodbye to Hampton, and hello to Richmond! We met Jen at Short Pump for a day of shopping. I have never really been to Richmond or Short Pump before. I loved it!

After shopping, we went back to Jen's apartment in downtown Richmond to relax before dinner. We went to Conch Republic, and Savannah even met us for dinner! It was so great for all 4 of us suitemates to finally be reunited.

Upon leaving the restaurant, we went outside to take pictures and suddenly there were fireworks right above our heads. How perfect! Fireworks in celebration of KJ's birthday (and Memorial Day too, of course).

We headed back to Jen's apartment to open KJ's birthday presents, play catch phrase, and partake in other birthday festivities! At midnight, we took KJ to her first bar in The Fan. It was called Three Monkeys or "Tres Monos" as she insisted on calling it. Since I am the only under, I was the DD for the night but I was glad that I could help KJ celebrate her 21st! Savannah stayed in the car with me while KJ and the girls went into the bar. And the rest of the night is history!

Was this not the perfect way to really kick-off my summer? I can't wait for KJ to come visit me next weekend in NOVA!! Stay tuned for more summer adventures in the nation's capital.


  1. You were so busy, but it looks like fun. What's Rebounderz? Sounds pretty exciting!

  2. Looks like so much fun, I'm jealous of that sun you got! Especially as I stare out the window at the cold rainy northwest day... this girl needs some sun!