Wednesday, April 18, 2012

in 30 hours...

...Relay For Life at Virginia Tech will be taking place on the Drillfield!!

As the clock dwindles down, I have been taking the time to reflect and recognize just how proud I am of my big, Anna Tobia (the DIRECTOR of this year's Relay For Life). She has shown an unending passion for this event since this time last year.

In order to support her as well as my many friends and family members that are battling or have battled cancer, I have created a personal goal to raise $750. I am just $70 away from reaching that goal. Every dollar counts when it comes to fighting cancer. We WILL find a cure in our generation. So why not make it happen now? You can make a difference!

My team, Alpha Phi 2, is one of the top fundraising teams this year for VTRelay. And I could not be more proud! Please support me in my last 30 hours of fundraising!

Here is a link to my personal page: Support Christine in her fight against cancer.

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  1. Go team Alpha Phi 2! Until we find a cure. VTRelay!