Tuesday, October 18, 2011

the perfect getaway

This weekend I went home to Northern Virginia for a relaxing weekend with my family. When picking a reason to go home, there were many factors I needed to consider. And this weekend met all of the following qualifications:

-There wasn't a Hokie game in Lane Stadium
-Oakton was playing Chantilly in football
-It was my parents' 23rd Anniversary
-Meemaa and Grandpa were in town

So Jessica drove Sarah and I home on Thursday night, and we got home around 11pm. I told my parents that I wanted to surprise my grandparents, so when I got home I immediately went upstairs so they wouldn't hear me come in.

The surprise worked great! I woke up on Friday morning and walked downstairs like I would any other morning, and said "good morning, SURPRISE!" Meemaa and Grandpa were literally shocked and so confused. They couldn't understand that my parents knew I was coming home the whole time and that we didn't tell them. But they were so pleasantly surprised!

On Friday, the girls (Mom, Meemaa, and I) went to Fair Oaks to go shopping! I was on a mission to find a black dress for Recruitment, and we found the perfect Calvin Klein dress in Macy's.

The big event for Friday, however, was Mike playing in the Oakton vs. Chantilly football game at Chantilly. Of course, we got to Chantilly about 2 hours before the game even started because my Dad loves to watch the boys warm-up. We were easily the first Oakton family there.

Everything about the game was great! Mike played so well, the fans were insane (I've never seen that great of Cougar fans), and we beat Chantilly 21-14. Please note that I have never seen Oakton win a game since I have been at Virginia Tech. Mike always says I'm a bad luck charm, but that is no longer an excuse!

Saturday, October 15th was Mom and Dad's 23rd Anniversary, so we celebrated with a beautiful dinner at Dante's Restaurant in Great Falls. I ordered a lobster tail with crab meat! Such a delicious meal, and a wonderful time with the family.

Before dinner that night, Mom, Meemaa, and I went to the Leesburg outlets for MORE shopping! I went on a shopping spree like no other, but my Mom is saving a lot of my new clothes for Christmas. And I am okay with that considering all of the fall and winter clothes I still haven't worn.

Then on Sunday we were planning on going back to Blacksburg, but we decided to stay the extra day and drive home Monday morning. So we did. I was so happy to just get one more day to relax at home, watch the Redskins (lose), and spend more time with Meemaa and Grandpa before they headed back to Florida.

Of course I am back to school now, amidst the craziness of Homecoming Week. Stay tuned for a post about all of this week's happenings at Virginia Tech!

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  1. sounds like such a fun weekend!! Have a fun Homecoming Week!