Saturday, November 3, 2012

color me rad

Last weekend I participated in my first ever 5K and one of the most exhilarating races I can think of. The COLOR ME RAD came to Blacksburg, VA!!

Alpha Phi created a team and a bunch of us met up on Sunday morning in our all white clothing, ready to take on the COLOR! Kelsey, JFrad, and Emmet were also in town for the weekend and signed up for the run.

After listening to some sweet mashups and techno jams and jumping around with color in the air, we were ready to start the run! Lucky for me, Alli had stitches in her leg still so she needed a walking partner. I am NOT a runner, so this worked out perfectly. We ran a little bit to keep up with the crowd, but walked the majority of the 5K. We made sure to get LOTS of color in the color explosion centers too!

I loved that the Color Me Rad was not so much a race, as it was a celebration! We weren't racing to be first, but racing to get more color!! We weren't running FROM from anything, but running FOR something. We were all just running (and walking) for the heck of it! Not to mention a portion of our registration fees went to Special Olympics.

Thank you, Color Me Rad for coming to Blacksburg! Life sure is better in COLOR.

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