Monday, July 23, 2012

monday motivation

As we head into the FINAL week of orientation, I wanted to share with you all some words of wisdom that Carly posted on our 2012 Orientation Team Facebook group last night...

You were meant to be sitting here today with bright minds and hopeful hearts.
You were meant to use that spark to become a student at the best university in the nation.
You were meant to take 4 (or 5) years of your life to become a better person while touching the lives of others along the way.
You were meant to join student organizations that introduced you to new pieces of yourself.
You were meant to become one of 24 extraordinary Orientation Leaders for freshmen orientation.
You were meant to teach each other about finding the joy in the simplest of gestures.
You were meant to lead groups of incoming students through one of the most exciting transitions of their lives.
You were meant to create an environment of fun, laughter, love, and service.
You were meant to put families' minds at ease about this big step and season of change.
You were meant to open your hearts to these students in order to set the standard of what it means to be a Hokie.
You were meant to treat each day as "day one"; a gift not to be wasted.
You were meant to be a Hokie.

Because of this let's celebrate our incredible school and its traditions and legacies. Let's celebrate this final week of orientation because you were chosen to be Orientation Leaders. Let's give this our all because we have the opportunity to impact the Class of 2016, and ultimately, Virginia Tech for years to come.

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